[Photos: Jasmine Cogan]

[Instalación: Houston Climate Justice Museum, 2022]

This series of sculptures or precarious machines light liminal moments or agents in the history of the border line between Mexico and the United States.

Exploring the archive of their material production, these pieces point to a series of photographs, in black and white, taken especially during the 19th century, which show the border space shortly before being marked by boundary markers. In any case, these photographs show a territory that has not yet been delimited or cut off by state agents, showing it as a complex space that overflows or exceeds the Nation-State.

These pieces point to the Rio Bravo (the Rio Grande, as it is known in the United States), understanding it as a living, rebellious agent, which historically seems to refuse to serve as a territorial limit, which cuts and divides communities and territories.

[Photo: Jasmine Cogan. Blaffer Art Museum, 2019]