dry place /lugar seco 
silos / sawyer yards
friday and saturday 3 to 6 pm

In his Poliorcetica, dating back to the 3rd Century BCE, the engineer Philo of Byzantium depicted Greek silos as subterranean, dry, and certainly dark spaces utilized for storing grains and seeds, serving as bastions of life and prospects for the future. Food, health, well-being. However, diverging from Philo's original conception, in today's world, silos predominantly serve as dry storage facilities for bombs and missiles. Dry Space–collective show that brings together Marina Azahua, Tanya Brodsky, larí garcía, Saúl Hernández-Vargas, Yifan Jiang, and Umico Niwa—explores the silos of the city of Houston, slowing down, and paying attention to the specters and the silence of local workers and the ghostly clattering of grains against metal structures permeating the atmosphere. Curated by Saúl Hernández-Vargas, this exhibition delves in the old silos as an empty and dry space, where the promise of future has changed. 

larí garcía

tanya brodsky

umico niwa

yifan jiang

saúl hernández-vargas

photos: larí garcía


lost wax / cera perdida // 2024 core exhibition
glassell school of art / museum of fine arts of houston
march 7, 2024 - april 14, 2024